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Friends, hello! It has been ages. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a ball at my sister’s — ate too many potatoes, drank too much punch, only wished we had made two pumpkin pies.

With Thanksgiving falling so late this year, I am feeling especially behind in my holiday preparations, but I do have one recipe I am so excited to share with you today over on Cup of Jo: tiramisu. My grandmother loved tiramisu and always made one when she was expecting a house full of guests for the holidays. It is one of my favorites, too, and it is especially nice to have on hand this time of year — it can be made ahead and tucked in the fridge, and it feeds a crowd. Find the tiramisu recipe here and other fun recipes in the series here.

I hope all is well, Everyone.

cousins: Wren, Ella, Graham, Liam, Arabella:


    • says

      Oh, thank you Nina! It was really fun having the cousins all together. And, re Ella, I am getting that a lot recently. When she was born, everyone said she looked just like Ben, but it seems her looks are starting to change a bit.

      PS: I have been looking at your blog for Xmas ideas. So many great ideas!

  1. Liv says

    So beautiful – can I ask how you scooped it so beautifully into the bowl? It’s painful to see all the hard work put in, and how lovely it looks in the pan only to look like a sloppy mess when served up! Thanks

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      Liv, hi! OK, a few suggestions: 1. Use a shallow bowl if you can. The picture is a little deceiving — that bowl is only 2-inches tall. It has straight sides and is 3 inches in diameter, so pretty small overall. I know you might not have a choice in terms of vessels, but if you do, I thought I’d mention that. 2. Use a spoon to scoop one layer into the bowl, and then scoop another layer directly on top — it’s a layered dish anyway, so there’s no worry about smushing the bottom layer. Finally, shave some more chocolate over each serving. Hope that helps!

  2. says

    This isn’t even the first time you’ve written for Joanna’s site, right? You’re so big-time :) Your tiramisu sounds amazing! So fun that you shared a family recipe.

    Had to also say that I made your apple pie for our Thanksgiving this year. It was a HIT. It was just the prettiest and most tasty crust I’ve ever made (I’m a crust girl when it comes to pie). It really shamed the store-bought pie it was next to on the table 😉 In a good way!

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      Sophie, you are too sweet. I posted on Cup of Jo this past spring — it was a leek and goat cheese omelet recipe.

      I am so happy to hear you liked the apple pie, and that the crust was the tastiest you’ve ever made! There is nothing like a flaky, buttery pie crust, right? Hope the mashed potatoes and gravy were a hit. Happy Holidays, Sophie!

  3. says

    Alexandra, beautiful site! Nice work. So, I’m Timmy’s cousin. Had heard you have a blog. We do too. I remember you and Ben from their wedding. So happy to see the kiddos in your post. We haven’t met Arabella yet. Can’t wait to see those guys again soon. Liam looks just like Mr T.

    We’ll be stopping by your site more frequently. Your cooking looks pretty impressive!

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      Timmy’s cousin?! So much fun to see a comment from you. And I am going to check out your blog immediately. It was so much fun having Thanksgiving with Tim and Lindsey and the kiddos. The morning after Thanksgiving, Tim treated us to homemade English muffins, bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce for the best eggs benedict I have ever had. Truly they were delicious. I have been dreaming about them. Hope to meet you sometime! Thanks for writing in.

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