Fish En Papillote

fish en papillote

I have decided I sound too freaky to speak on camera.And so, I present to you a silent film: Fish en Papillote: (The video seems to stall a bit at 1:18. Just help it along by scrolling past that point.)Yesterday, 2,438 miles away from me, two … [Continue reading]

Good Stock


I'm sort of embarrassed about posting this video, but after I shot it, I couldn't resist. I sound like such a freak. I'm pretty sure I don't sound like that normally. Anyway, I happened to be preparing tinga, which I've described before, and thought … [Continue reading]

Garden Update II


So far, the best part about having a garden has been the smells. Every time I pass by those cinder blocks, I brush my hand over the basil leaves or the tomato vines or the oregano plant, and in just that quick motion, the smells from the leaves get … [Continue reading]