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Toasted Muesli // Camping at Heart Lake, Lake Placid

If I were to look back on my life and find myself eating a bowl of muesli, it would most likely mean I was with my brother and sister at my dad’s house for the weekend. We would have found … Continue reading

12. September 2013 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Breakfast, Gluten-free, Steak, Travel | 45 comments

Duxbury, Boston, Negroni

I often read about how well children do in routine, how structure makes them feel secure, how a schedule offers comfort. But the older I get — just celebrated a birthday — the more I realize how well I do … Continue reading

06. September 2013 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Drinks, Travel | 22 comments

Goodbye Marine Corps; Moving to New York // Also, Olive Oil Toast

So, the funny thing about blogging for what now feels like a long time is that I feel I have to tell you everything. I can’t just say, “Hey, I’ve moved to Schenectady! And I have a kitchen with a … Continue reading

16. August 2013 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Baking, Breakfast, Travel | 125 comments

Champagne & Oysters + Solvang, Los Olivos, Los Alamos, Los Angeles Get Away

Our great eating adventure 2010 began at home with champagne and oysters. Oh champagne and oysters! Is anything more celebratory? I suppose you have to like oysters. Champagne is a given. The last time Ben and I had champagne and … Continue reading

12. May 2010 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Appetizers, Bread, Cheese, Hors d'oeuvres, Salads, Seafood, Travel | 13 comments

The Best Bread Pudding, So Much Love for Tartine

I never expected to receive a return phone call. I had been agonizing over how I was going to make my bread pudding … with fruit baked in it or without? Did Tartine really not add any fruit to the … Continue reading

13. October 2009 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Baking, Bread, Desserts, Olallie Cafe recipes, Travel | 40 comments

The Best Bloody Mary, Breakfast at Ramos House

I’m not even the Bloody Mary type. And had my friend not encouraged me so, I wouldn’t have thought to order one. But I do as I’m told, generally, and I began my breakfast at The Ramos House Cafe with … Continue reading

12. April 2009 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Breakfast, Drinks, Eating Locally, Travel | 18 comments

Michael Pollan’s Nightmare, His Autograph & Some Thoughts From Slow Food Nation

I left Slow Food Nation feeling inspired yet overwhelmed by the many issues facing this country (and the world) regarding food production. Perhaps what I thought was most interesting, however, was hearing the many speakers collectively criticize both Obama and … Continue reading

12. September 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Eating Locally, Travel | 14 comments

Ferry Building Farmers’ Market Primavera Mexican Stand + So Much Good Food

Two years ago, while visiting San Francisco for a wedding, Ben and I discovered the Primavera Mexican stand at the Saturday Ferry Building farmers’ market. I have not stopped dreaming about the guajillo-chile chilaquiles since. Yesterday, for breakfast, after waiting … Continue reading

27. July 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Breakfast, Eating Locally, Travel | 2 comments

Pizzeria Mozza — So Yum

Last night at 10:30 p.m., Ben and I finally dined at Pizzeria Mozza, the Nancy Silverton-Mario Batali-Joseph Bastianich pizza joint in Hollywood. To start, we shared one order of fried squash blossoms — one order of delicately battered, ricotta-filled, piping-hot … Continue reading

24. July 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
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Grilled Cheese, The Mission & A Petting Zoo

Yesterday, around 12:30, I found myself in San Juan Capistrano with an hour to spare. I considered all my options: feeding the goats at the Petting Zoo; dining at The Ramos House Café; or visiting The Mission. As I approached … Continue reading

14. March 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Lunch, Travel | 1 comment

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