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A Second Marcella Hazan Tomato Sauce + Hot Italian Sausage + Gragnano Pasta = Utter Deliciousness

It’s only February 2nd, and already I’m dreaming about Marcella Hazan’s tomato sauce — you know, the one and only most delicious tomato sauce in the world. I won’t belabor my love for that sauce a sentence more, but I’d … Continue reading

02. February 2012 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Entrees, Pasta, Sauces, dressings, jams & spreads | 36 comments

Pasta Carbonara — Easiest Weeknight Dinner

I know what you’re thinking. Pasta carbonara? The week after Thanksgiving? Who needs it? But, and forgive me if I’m wrong, I think you might be thinking of an entirely different dish, one containing cream and butter and vast amounts … Continue reading

28. November 2011 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Eggs, Entrees, Pasta | 50 comments

Chez Panisse Eggplant, Caramelized Onion and Tomato Pasta

I don’t know about you, but I’m up to my eyeballs in eggplants here. My CSA delivery last week could have fed a small village, and I’m still feeling a little overwhelmed. Overwhelmed in a good way though. I mean, … Continue reading

25. August 2011 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: CSA, Eating Locally, Entrees, Pasta, Sauces, dressings, jams & spreads, Vegetarian | 12 comments

Lidia Bastianich’s Butternut Squash Gnocchi with Sage Brown Butter

I haven’t been drawn to a recipe like this in awhile. It’s not that butternut squash with sage brown butter doesn’t sound insanely delicious — seriously, what sounds better this time of year? — it’s just that these days my … Continue reading

31. October 2010 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Entrees, Pasta, Vegetarian | Tags: , , | 18 comments

A Super Summery Pasta

I am obsessed with roasted red peppers at the moment. I have been preparing them by the half dozen and using them all week chopped up in salads or left whole in sandwiches or laid atop a bagel with cream … Continue reading

18. July 2010 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Entrees, Pasta, Side dishes, Vegetarian | 34 comments

Orecchiette with Hot Italian Sausage & Wilted Greens

Yipee! I’m back. It has been way too long. I believe the slowness issues on my blog have been resolved. Thank you to all who let me know my blogspot blog was painfully slow to load, and thank you to … Continue reading

27. February 2009 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Entrees, Pasta | 37 comments

Delaney’s Cannelloni & Orange Coast Magazine

Now, before I begin five days in a row of muffin posts, I must first describe my latest discovery at Delaney’s Culinary Fresh, (you know, the fresh pasta I am obsessed with.) I’m not sure how long owner Jordan Stone … Continue reading

10. May 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Entrees, Pasta | 2 comments

New Theory: Everything Tastes Better With An Egg On Top?

I know. My egg consumption is out of control. I can’t promise the end is in sight either, so please just bear with me as I plow through a few more dozen. On another note, I have a story to … Continue reading

08. April 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Breakfast, Eggs, Entrees, Pasta, Vegetarian | 7 comments

Fajita Pasta, Farmers’ Market Arugula, Breakfast Crepes & Other Random Thoughts

I know this sounds like a weird idea, but it’s pretty good. On Sunday, I bought a package of chipotle spaghetti, the latest addition to the Delaney’s Culinary Fresh pasta line. I followed owner Jordan Stone’s suggestion and sautéed peppers … Continue reading

18. February 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Breakfast, Chicken, Eating Locally, Entrees, Pasta | 3 comments

A More Prudent Farmers’ Market Pasta

As I mentioned on Monday, I have a new Sunday dinner tradition: Delaney’s Culinary Fresh pasta mixed with anything I find that morning at the farmers’ market. Last week, I could not resist buying a variety of beautiful, wild mushrooms … Continue reading

31. January 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Eating Locally, Entrees, Pasta, Vegetarian | 2 comments

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