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Pizza Pizza

I am resolved. I am resolved never to make another recipe for pizza dough. Seriously. This is it. My family has been making this recipe for years and it is incredibly delicious. Tried and True. Foolproof. No tweaking necessary. Caramelized … Continue reading

09. October 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Baking, Bread, Entrees, Olallie Cafe recipes, Pizza, Vegetarian | 38 comments

Swiss Chard Tart

I have an excellent recipe for a buttery, cornmeal tart shell. It NEVER fails to please. Why then, I ask you, must I continue to experiment with other recipes? Oiy. Rarely do they measure up. Tonight I’m annoyed. Truly. I … Continue reading

06. October 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Baking, Eggs, Entrees, Vegetarian | 19 comments

Leftover Tortillas? Make a Quiche

I hate wasting food. I really do. But sometimes, I stash things in the freezer merely to avoid the guilt of trashing food at the present moment. By “things” I mean 4 tortillas or 6 egg whites or the heels … Continue reading

25. September 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Entrees | 27 comments

Farmers’ Market Quesadillas

I found corn masa! Real corn masa. Like freshly made every day corn masa. El Toro Rojo (in my town, San Clemente) receives a delivery of this tortilla base every day precisely because real corn masa perishes that quickly. Tonight, … Continue reading

11. September 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Cheese, Eating Locally, Entrees, Vegetarian | 22 comments

Roasted Tomato Soup Thickened with Bread (Pappa Al Pomodoro)

At an adorable café in San Clemente, a bowl of tomato-and-bread soup sent four ladies knocking on the kitchen’s door. Through an open window, the women praised the chef for his creation, swooning over the soup’s deep, rich flavors, begging … Continue reading

24. August 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Appetizers, Eating Locally, Entrees, Side dishes, Soup, Vegetarian | 22 comments

Fish Tacos, Whisk n’ Ladle, Mango-Jicama Slaw, MSC-Certified Halibut & Reamers

I’m feeling sort of overwhelmed by everything I want to fit into this post. Bullet points, I hope, will help my cause. • So, after a week of feasting, I considered, for the first time ever, making tofu for dinner. … Continue reading

31. July 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Eating Locally, Entrees, Fish, Mexican, Salsa | 1 comment

Fish En Papillote

I have decided I sound too freaky to speak on camera. And so, I present to you a silent film: Fish en Papillote: (The video seems to stall a bit at 1:18. Just help it along by scrolling past that … Continue reading

13. July 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Entrees, Fish | 3 comments

Good Stock

I’m sort of embarrassed about posting this video, but after I shot it, I couldn’t resist. I sound like such a freak. I’m pretty sure I don’t sound like that normally. Anyway, I happened to be preparing tinga, which I’ve … Continue reading

09. July 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Chicken, Entrees, Mexican | 4 comments

Summer Squash Tart & Happy Fourth!

Hi everyone. Happy Fourth. Just a quick post here. I made this tart, as you may recall, once last summer. This year’s version, made with squash entirely from my garden, is far more special. I must admit, however, this recipe … Continue reading

03. July 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Entrees, Gardening, Lunch, Vegetarian | 1 comment

Selling Lentil Soup In The Summer and Helping Iowan Farmers

I know this isn’t the most summery of soups. Even us Southern Californians are experiencing a bit of a heat wave. So, why would anyone make lentil soup in the summer? It’s sort of a hard sell, I’ll admit, but … Continue reading

20. June 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Entrees, Lunch, Soup, Vegetarian | 6 comments

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