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Orecchiette Carbonara with Asparagus — 2nd Easiest Weeknight Dinner

Hello there. Just a quick midweek post here. Thought I’d share with you all how I’ve made my favorite easy weeknight dinner both more and less involved. Let me explain. Adding asparagus to pasta carbonara adds about a minute more … Continue reading

24. April 2012 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: CSA, Eating Locally, Entrees, Pasta | 21 comments

Keftedes (lamb meatballs) & Roasted Cabbage

It had been a successful week in the kitchen. Lamb meatballs, loaded with mint and parsley, broiled and sprinkled with vinegar, tasted as yummy as ever; olive bread, a two-day labor of love, proved as it always does, a worthwhile … Continue reading

30. March 2012 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Appetizers, Entrees | 30 comments

Spanakopita Strudels

I am Greek. I did not, however, grow up in a family like the one portrayed in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. My mother did not pack me “mouss-ka-ka” for lunch. My aunt never chased me around with a roasted … Continue reading

23. March 2012 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Entrees, Vegetarian | 117 comments

Crustless Quiche, Loaded with Kale

I was so lazy this week. Looking to add a little more roughage to my diet, I piled a whole head of barely chopped kale into a pie dish, submerged it with custard, and threw it in the oven. I … Continue reading

02. March 2012 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Breakfast, Eggs, Entrees | 50 comments

Turnip & Apple Purée, Venison Backstrap, A Jean-Georges Chocolate Tart & A Valentine’s Day Recap

Am I becoming too predictable? Are you sick of seeing vegetables puréed with apples? Do you think I should perhaps explore a cookbook other than this one and this one? I hope not, because I’m really loving this latest variation … Continue reading

17. February 2012 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Baking, Bread, craft, Eating Locally, Entrees, Meat | 9 comments

A Second Marcella Hazan Tomato Sauce + Hot Italian Sausage + Gragnano Pasta = Utter Deliciousness

It’s only February 2nd, and already I’m dreaming about Marcella Hazan’s tomato sauce — you know, the one and only most delicious tomato sauce in the world. I won’t belabor my love for that sauce a sentence more, but I’d … Continue reading

02. February 2012 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Entrees, Pasta, Sauces, dressings, jams & spreads | 36 comments

Date Night at Home? Seared Duck Breast with Port Wine Reduction; Duck Hunting at Pine Island in Louisiana

Seared Duck Breast with Port Wine Reduction — it’s a dish fit for a bistro menu. Truly, the sauce tastes as if it took hours to prepare, as if pans loaded with veal bones had to be roasted, as if … Continue reading

09. December 2011 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Entrees, Meat, Sauces, dressings, jams & spreads | 10 comments

Pasta Carbonara — Easiest Weeknight Dinner

I know what you’re thinking. Pasta carbonara? The week after Thanksgiving? Who needs it? But, and forgive me if I’m wrong, I think you might be thinking of an entirely different dish, one containing cream and butter and vast amounts … Continue reading

28. November 2011 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Eggs, Entrees, Pasta | 50 comments

Roast Chicken + Bread Salad, Zuni Cafe Style

Roasting a whole chicken used to feel like an ordeal to meal. It certainly was a process, one never attempted mid-week. After poking a lemon with a skewer 25 times, smashing garlic cloves, chopping up carrots and shallots, stuffing the … Continue reading

02. November 2011 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Chicken, Entrees, Fall | 31 comments

Butternut Squash and Crispy Sage Pizza, Five-Minutes-a-Day Style

I have a pizza dough recipe I adore. I swore in fact I would never attempt another recipe. But then I saw this. Yes, the Hertzberg-Francois team has released another book: Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day. … Continue reading

21. October 2011 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Entrees, Fall, Pizza, Vegetarian | 25 comments

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