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Guest Post on A Cup of Jo: Leek & Goat Cheese Omelet

I consumed more breakfast burritos and fish tacos in my first month in California than in the remaining three years combined that I would live there. It just seemed impossible not to wake up every morning, pick up breakfast to-go … Continue reading

13. March 2013 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Breakfast, Cheese, Eggs, Vegetarian | 11 comments

The Best Croutons and How Best to Eat Them

Fernand came to the café where I waitressed in sunny CA every Sunday afternoon for the same meal: an omelet, a baguette, and a side of Dijon mustard. He ate his omelet methodically, spreading mustard over each slice of bread … Continue reading

08. March 2013 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Bread, Breakfast, Eggs, Sauces, dressings, jams & spreads, Vegetarian | 10 comments

Toast with Hard Boiled Eggs & Bagna Cauda // Also, Walnut Bread

Over the weekend while looking to employ the half dozen loaves of walnut bread cluttering my countertops, I stumbled upon this little gem of a tartine in Nancy Silverton’s Sandwich Book. Silverton had apparently prepared this snack — grilled bread … Continue reading

13. February 2013 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Appetizers, Baking, Bread, Eggs, Entrees, Lunch, Sauces, dressings, jams & spreads | 22 comments

Baked Eggs

For Sunday morning breakfast I made baked eggs, a dish traditionally reserved in my family for one occasion and one occasion only: Christmas morning. Preparing the eggs down here in Virginia felt odd as I’ve never made them outside of … Continue reading

16. December 2012 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Baking, Breakfast, Eggs | 22 comments

Crustless Quiche, Loaded with Kale

I was so lazy this week. Looking to add a little more roughage to my diet, I piled a whole head of barely chopped kale into a pie dish, submerged it with custard, and threw it in the oven. I … Continue reading

02. March 2012 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Breakfast, Eggs, Entrees | 45 comments

Pasta Carbonara — Easiest Weeknight Dinner

I know what you’re thinking. Pasta carbonara? The week after Thanksgiving? Who needs it? But, and forgive me if I’m wrong, I think you might be thinking of an entirely different dish, one containing cream and butter and vast amounts … Continue reading

28. November 2011 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Eggs, Entrees, Pasta | 50 comments

Dinner for One with Bittman’s ‘Polenta without Fear’ + A Huge Thank You

I never thought the day would come when I would consider sautéed greens over polenta topped with a fried egg as the idea of the most delicious dinner. Well, the day is here (has been for a little while now), … Continue reading

23. October 2009 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: CSA, Eating Locally, Eggs, Entrees, Side dishes, Vegetarian | 34 comments

Tartine’s Quiche, Homemade Crème Fraîche & A Little Trip to Napa & Bouchon

The weekend would begin with quiche. That was a given. My friend would pick me up at the San Francisco airport and before beginning our journey north, we would stop for breakfast. For quiche, that is. I have been dreaming … Continue reading

17. August 2009 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Breakfast, Eggs, Entrees, Olallie Cafe recipes, Vegetarian | 32 comments

Gordon Hamersley’s Beet, Goat Cheese and Walnut Tart

This tart is really fun. And different. And delicious. I can’t promise a quick-and-easy dinner with this recipe — beets must be roasted; a tart shell must be baked — but with a little planning, assembly of this tart is … Continue reading

02. April 2009 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Cheese, Eggs, Entrees, Vegetarian | 20 comments

Zuni Cafe’s Fried Eggs In Bread Crumbs

I wish I were a hen; I wouldn’t have much to do. I’d lay an egg most every day, And Sundays sometimes two. — German nursery rhyme Just a little jingle I thought you all might like. I found it … Continue reading

06. March 2009 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Breakfast, Eggs, Entrees, Salads, Sauces, dressings, jams & spreads, Vegetarian | 28 comments

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