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Champagne & Oysters + Solvang, Los Olivos, Los Alamos, Los Angeles Get Away

Our great eating adventure 2010 began at home with champagne and oysters. Oh champagne and oysters! Is anything more celebratory? I suppose you have to like oysters. Champagne is a given. The last time Ben and I had champagne and … Continue reading

12. May 2010 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Appetizers, Bread, Cheese, Hors d'oeuvres, Salads, Seafood, Travel | 13 comments

Vermont Cheddar Cheese Soup + Beer Bread = Yum Yum Yum

I should just rename my blog “Liza’s Daughter’s Blog.” These days, it seems, I only make dishes that my mother has fed me or told me about. When I was home in CT for my sister’s wedding last month, I … Continue reading

07. January 2010 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Cheese, Entrees, Soup | 45 comments

Bubalus Bubalis Mozzarella & Heirloom Tomatoes

Does it seem odd that I have to go to Costco to find local cheese? Well, I do. And I must admit, I didn’t join Costco because they sell the delicious Bubalus Bubalis mozzarella cheese. The truth is that I … Continue reading

24. July 2009 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Appetizers, Cheese, Eating Locally | 16 comments

A Simple, Most Delicious Sandwich

My mother recently described a sandwich an old man prepared for her at a bed and breakfast in Barcelona: toasted bread, rubbed with garlic, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with salt, moistened with a squeezed tomato and topped with jamón … Continue reading

17. July 2009 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Cheese, Lunch, Meat, Olallie Cafe recipes, Uncategorized | 27 comments

Alice Waters’ Baked Goat Cheese Salad & Morning Song Farm CSA

It’s hard to find fault in a warm round of herb-marinated, breadcrumb-encrusted goat cheese. But seriously my friends, the goat cheese was not the star of this salad. See those greens up there? The tender green leaves and the baby … Continue reading

13. May 2009 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Cheese, CSA, Eating Locally, Salads, Vegetarian | 31 comments

Gordon Hamersley’s Beet, Goat Cheese and Walnut Tart

This tart is really fun. And different. And delicious. I can’t promise a quick-and-easy dinner with this recipe — beets must be roasted; a tart shell must be baked — but with a little planning, assembly of this tart is … Continue reading

02. April 2009 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Cheese, Eggs, Entrees, Vegetarian | 20 comments

Grilled Cheese

I cut the bread too thick. And I didn’t use enough cheese — I thought four ounces of cheese per sandwich seemed a little excessive. But maybe that’s what it takes to make the ultimate grilled cheese. Saveur says: “The … Continue reading

15. January 2009 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Cheese, Lunch, Vegetarian | 32 comments

The Secret To Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes

Before I mislead you any further, I’m going to come clean. I don’t know the secret to making lemon-ricotta pancakes. In fact, what I flipped around the griddle on Saturday morning was nothing short of a disaster. Breakfast was saved … Continue reading

28. September 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Breakfast, Cheese | 30 comments

Farmers’ Market Quesadillas

I found corn masa! Real corn masa. Like freshly made every day corn masa. El Toro Rojo (in my town, San Clemente) receives a delivery of this tortilla base every day precisely because real corn masa perishes that quickly. Tonight, … Continue reading

11. September 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Cheese, Eating Locally, Entrees, Vegetarian | 22 comments

Round 2: Low-Carb Cottage Cheese Muffins with Cheddar & Scallions

These are fun. Unlike any muffin I’ve ever tasted. Textured like a cross between a souffle and a quiche. Savory. Can be flavored in any way: with ham, bacon, herbs, peppers, spinach, whatever. A nice, portable breakfast especially for those … Continue reading

13. May 2008 by Alexandra Stafford
Categories: Baking, Breakfast, Cheese, Eggs | 11 comments

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