Appetizers & Hors D'Oeuvres |

Appetizers & Hors D’Oeuvres

baked fontina

Baked Fontina
salsa di parmigiano

Salsa di Parmigino
cheese sticks

Cheese Sticks
rosemary-parmesan crackers

Rosemary-Parm Crackers
zucchini fritters

Zucchini Fritters

mango pico de gallo

Mango Pico de Gallo
roasted fig bruschetta with ricotta and basil

Roasted Fig & Ricotta Tartines
eggplant caviar

Eggplant Caviar on Grilled Bread
eggplant caviar

Eggplant Caviar on Za’atar Flatbread
thyme-roasted grapes with homemade ricotta cheese

Roasted Grapes with Thyme

Peach, Ricotta & Prosciutto Bruschetta
radicchio and blue cheese tartine1

Radicchio Tartine
homemade ricotta tartine

Fresh Ricotta Tartine
mushroom tartine

Mushroom Tartine

Herbed Ricotta
baked feta with olives and tomatoes

Baked Feta

Delice de Bourgogne
marinated olives with orange, garlic and fennel seeds

Marinated Olives

Sour Cream & Onion
baker's foie

Pâté w/ Pickled Okra
burrata with truffle oil & Maldon Sea Salt

Burrata w/ Truffle Oil
faux focaccia with basil oil & balsamic

Infused Olive Oil