$150 Gift Certificate Giveaway from Minted

Selection of Minted Food-Related Journals

I received my first minted card in the mail three years ago just before Christmas. Upon opening it, I remember holding the card in my hands, rubbing my fingers over its thick paper stock, staring in awe at the quality of the printing, flipping it over to inspect the details and finally propping it up on my desk to admire the design. I have been in love with the company ever since — I look forward to the unveiling of their holiday photo card collection every fall — but what I most love about the company is how it operates: every product sold on the site is the result of a design challenge entered by a community of independent designers living all over the world.

While minted is perhaps best know for its holiday cards, personal stationery and invitations, the company’s high-quality paper goods extend to calendars and gift tags and wall art and party decor. They also have a fantastic selection of food-themed gifts, including kitchen journals (pictured above), art prints (pictured below), stationery and photo cards.

What’s most exciting is that minted is going to give one of you a $150 gift certificate to spend as you wish, though I highly recommend first popping over to Minted’s Holiday collection to start browsing the best selection of bright and seasonal designs out there.

If I were on the receiving end of this giveaway, that’s exactly where I would head, but I’m still trying to snap that perfect shot… still waiting for just the right moment, you know, when Ella isn’t throwing Graham down the steps or scrunching his fingers in doors or whacking him over the head with a spatula. Wish me luck.

If you are interested in receiving this gift certificate just leave a comment below. Tell me your favorite homemade food gift to give away during the holidays.


Above-pictured journals: Orange Recipes; We Ate Cake; Kumquats & Kiwis; Scrumptious; In the Kitchen; Kitchen Notes

Clockwise from top left: Garden Composition; Let’s Eat; Heirloom Pear; Home Sweet Home; Cooking with Spices & Herbs:
art prints for the foodie, by minted

Clockwise from top left: Kitchen Dance; Rise and Shine; Orangerie; Botanical Garden:
art prints for the foodie, by minted

Clockwise from top left: Awning Stripes; My Favorite Things; Sweet Treats; Love Builds; Kitchen Dance; More Than Coffee:
art prints for the hostess, by minted

Left: Merry Merry gift tag; Right: Ivy Bright gift tag:
holiday gift tags

Personal Chef stationery and business cards:
stationery and business card for a personal chef

My minted holiday cards from the past two years:
Designed by Annie Clark, 2010:

Christmas 2010

Also designed by Annie Clark, 2011:
Christmas 2011


  1. says

    “Making Spirits Bright” staring a grumpy Ella is still my favorite Christmas card EVER.
    My favorite food gift to give at the holidays is caramel corn. Addictive and easy to make.

  2. says

    I’ve never been a great baker, but cookies are always a welcome treat at the holidays! I think it would be fun to make homemade condiments or sweets in jars to give away though!

  3. says

    Mason jars filled with granola has been our go-to for years, but tomorrow I’m experimenting with making homemade siracha hot sauce… might be the start of a new tradition.

  4. Kimberly O says

    I’m a fan of giving away flavoured salts, but I just saw some above write about homemade sriracha sauce….that’s my new favourite!

  5. Jami says

    My favorite homemade food gift = all my holiday cookies and candied. Especially sweet and salty spiced nuts (a la Smitten Kitchen).

  6. says

    This year, I will be giving away my favorite homemade food gifts of spiced nuts (almonds and pecans, candied fruit (ginger, apricots and orange peel) and homemade limoncello. They all go nicely together….and my friends all break them out immediately upon opening! CELEBRATE!

  7. Katie Didit says

    I love giving away mini loaves of hoska bread. It’s a czech bread that my family always makes around the holidays!

  8. Kate says

    I am planning on making homemade vanilla extract this year! Crossing my fingers that it turns out well…usually I am a baker, and I give friends cookies or cakes.

  9. Megan says

    Peanut brittle for my grandfather when he was still with us. I’m thinking about making peppermint meringues this year.

  10. Margaret says

    I love making homemade cocoa mix to give friends. I make it “adult” by adding a little bottle of baileys as the tag.

  11. says

    I love to give spritz cookies as they represent my family heritage and memories of making cookies w/my dad. A new favorite is a gluten free cranberry upside down cake from the Whole Living Magazine – nothing quite like surprising a GF friend with seasonal baked goods 😉

  12. Katie Sorensen says

    Dark Chocolate Truffles with a creamy ganache center. Yummm. A bit labor intensive but my family loves me for these!

  13. Brooke says

    I like to make these rum balls that you can only eat two if you intend to drive! Also, white fruitcake, and all kinds of cookies.

  14. kristin says

    Wine is always a well-received gift. I also make marshmallows and package them with fancy hot chocolate mix when I have time.

  15. Sarah Jane Jennings says

    My favorite food items to make and give away during the holiday season are cranberry chutney (which is delicious on EVERYTHING) and fresh cranberry salsa. I get excited just thinking about making these wonderful items for friends and family!

  16. says

    This summer I got obsessed with canning, and found a delicious peach rum sauce. I can’t wait to give the little jars to my coworkers in a few weeks!

  17. Eunice says

    Anything homemade. Fewer and fewer of my friends have time to cook these days, so anything homemade it a real treat.

  18. says

    Something like a chocolate ganache/chocolate sauce that can be used for a bunch of different things (chocolate sauce, chocolate filling, hot chocolate, truffles, etc.) and homemade marshmallows. We call the chocolate sauce “Magic Chocolate Sauce” and it and the marshmallows was a huge hit last Christmas!

  19. Marcia Renert says

    Toss up this year: homemade vanilla extract and newly-found recipes for flavored salts.
    But my default is YOUR rosemary shortbread!

  20. says

    My favorite holiday gift is homemade cookies gifted in overly adorable holiday packaging! It is a perfect vehicle for my ribbon obsession.

  21. Maureen says

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks!
    I bake, bake, bake……100 year old gingerbread cookie recipe for friends, neighbors and grandson.. Breakfast baskets for family members!

  22. Kate says

    I made apricot jam as well as apricot pepper jelly to gift this holiday season. In past years I have made Baklava, with the list growing of people who want to be on the receiving end. I may not be able to avoid making and gifting baklava. It’s something I have made for years, with the assistance of my youngest son who is now 23! It’s a really fun tradition having him help.

  23. Amy says

    Homemade, secret recipe Rum Balls in Christmas decorated tins are my favorite gift to give to family, friends and coworkers!

  24. says

    We used to make holiday fruit cakes in mini loaf tins, to give to students and friends. I never thought I loved fruit cakes, quite the opposite, but that particular recipe is a winner!

  25. Danielle says

    I love giving braided swedish cardamom bread with plump raisins, finished with a sprinkling of turbinado sugar the loaf is pretty, festive and delicious, always a win!

  26. NatalieG says

    I love to give away canned gifts, specifically fruit preserves. Last year, though, I made homemade vanilla extract.

  27. Jeanne says

    Your recipe for pumpkin bread has become my go to homemade gift. I’m in NJ and after Hurricane Sandy everyone was changed. When my daughter came home from school she said one of her teachers lost everything in the storm. I made her a loaf with a note attached letting her know we were thinking about her. We made loaves for other people just to let them know we were thinking about them. I then made 4 loafs for Thanksgiving and everyone called to tell me how much they loved it! We’ve decided to make the pumpkin bread for teacher gifts for both of my daughters. I love knowing that people enjoy it and it has gotten me over my fear of baking!

  28. Anna says

    I love giving my homemade chocolate dipped salted caramels. Last year I did them in sets of five in these cute little truffle boxes made of recycled materials, and wrapped them in a bakers twine bow. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  29. Ann Hudson says

    I make 3 cheese peppery nut cheese logs every year as small gifts. I make a bundle of the cheese log, a decorative spreader, a small pack of gourmet crackers all rolled in a new dishtowel and tied with twine. People seem to look forward to the logs, the one year I didn’t make them, was out of town, I had many calls asking if I’d forgotten them or had they been placed on the ‘naughty’ list by mistake?! =0)

  30. huebscher says

    what a fun giveaway! your “making spirits bright” card is still one of the funniest holiday cards I’ve ever seen. my food-gift standard is jam / marmalade, but since jam requires more seasonal forethought than I can usually muster (berries and figs hit the texas market stands in may, peaches in june), most years also involve supplemental cookies or vanilla sugar.

  31. sarahem says

    I love making (and receiving) homemade cookies and breads as gifts. Every year I try a new recipe and I’m proud to say that they’ve all been well-received by family and friends. :)

  32. christine says

    I love to give a whole box of cookies during the holidays to my friends and family. My Mom and I pick out a few recipes we are dying to try out and package them all up!

  33. Jillian Imilkowski says

    Every year I spend 6 mo the making a huge batch of homemade Limoncello. I’ll give the with home canned pasta sauce, fresh made pesto and some fresh pasta. I have a line of people trying to get on my “gift giving” list!!

  34. Georgia says

    Last year I gave away Sugar-Spiced Nuts that I “wrapped” in small Ball jars and tied up with twine. They were a hit!

  35. Minna says

    I totally drank the water: I’m into all those mason jar snacks like cupcakes, pies, smores, etc. It’s just so easy to share!

  36. says

    I love making cookie dough mix in mason jars, along with mixing and baking instructions! I usually do chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin! This an awesome giveaway, thank you!

  37. Eunice says

    I love to give away cinnamon ginger candied almonds! Family and friends look forward to that + their weck jars that I fill the little delights in :) (By the way – LOVE these prints..would be so DELIGHTED to win!)

  38. Emily S says

    I gave homemade scones to family a few years ago and they were a hit! Last year was homemade granola — equally tasty!

  39. Katykat says

    It used to be frosted sugar cookies for the LONGEST time, but now it is your very special rosemary shortbread! Every single person I share it with immediately demands to know the recipe and I have even planted a rosemary bush so that I can always make this amazing shortbread on the fly :)

  40. Anne Murphy says

    I love to give away ‘Cowboy Candy’ (pickled jalapeños) and red pepper jelly. This year I’m giving away homemade vanilla using your recipe and vendors. Can’t wait!!!

  41. says

    I always prepare flavoured/compounded butters & now this year flavoured salts. Given in Weck jars…with handmade tags from ‘mud&twigs’ etsy.com.As always sprinkled with lots of Love ! Merry Christmas to all of you!

  42. Allie says

    My favorite homemade holiday food gift is peppermint bark! My cousin and I have been in the kitchen together since we were kids always trying to come up with new holiday ideas (as kids this usually meant adding red and green food coloring to everything). Year after year our one staple has always been peppermint bark. It’s great to make in large batches, looks great in a holiday tin or treat bag, and let’s be honest… who doesn’t love it!

    I’d also like to say I LOVE Minted! I think their designs are so cute and trendy. I would really put this gift card to good use :)

  43. Carrie says

    I love making magic cookie bars for others – mostly because if I make them for myself I usually end up eating way more than I should!

  44. Heather says

    i love to make cookies – a recent find is nutella-stuffed chocolate chip cookies – but i also want to make your homemade vanilla! happy holidays! :)

  45. Hannah says

    I love giving away my trove of jam and marmalade — particularly now that my amazing 16 yr old daughter has taken over (and vastly improved on) our christmas cookie extravaganza . . .
    Wonderful giveaway! And happy holidays!

  46. KG says

    Cookies. My mom has passed down to me some of The Best (in my humble opinion) Christmas cookie recipes in creation and it woudl be so much fun to have some cute stationary to include with those gifts.

  47. Amanda says

    I’m considering homemade peanut butter this year. I made it for the first time a few weeks ago and it was delicious. Though my fear is I may gift it to someone with an allergy and kill them. That would really put a damper on the holidays!

  48. Stephanie says

    My husband and I make cider and mead and bottle it in fun bottles that can be used for decor after the spirits have been consumed.

  49. Kate Cygler says

    I’ve never been able to resist the dynamic combination of peppermint and chocolate. During the holidays, I like to share this obsession by giving boxes of home made peppermint patties. A dark chocolate coating and a festive candy cane crumble on the top are essential. Warmest holiday wishes!

  50. says

    Awesome! I love giving away cookies because baked goods are always welcome, especially around the holidays. Infused vodkas and homemade vanilla extract is good, too.

  51. Allison says

    Great giveaway idea! It seems that this time of year all of my friends are moving to new apartments and houses. As a moving gift, I have been giving buckets full of essentials for moving (screws, a pair of scissors, tape, etc) based on a great post from pinterest. But to add to the usual housewarming, I include a set of paper napkins, paper plates, plastic knives and forks, and plastic cups, a baguette, a couple good cheeses, my homemade chutney, and a good bottle of wine. It seems that the last box to be unpacked in any move (if it isn’t lost completely) is the one with the dishes in it. So in the middle of all the unpacking nothing is better than an easy snack and a bottle of wine drank form the classiest solo cups.

  52. lara says

    on christmas afternoon, my dad, siblings, and i make mini christmas pizzas and deliver them hot! to our neighbors. everyone loves pizza!

  53. Marisa Lacampagne says

    I love the idea of giving away flavor infused oil. A friend of mine gave away small bottles he made at his wedding and they were so charming. In Italy this summer we had chili infused oil all the time and it was DE-LICIOUS! I think it would be a great gift so winter doesn’t feel so long :)

  54. Linda says

    I make Alice Waters’ cinnamon almond cookies – a recipe that I found in a magazine many years ago. It isn’t Christmas without these cookies, and friends love them.

  55. Elise says

    I think homemade crackers are a wonderful gift. We make a variety of different types – cheddar mustard, rye crisps, flatbread – and give them away with a small jar of tapenade or spread.

  56. jenn says

    our family gift-giving tradition are lemon twists – braided dough layered with lemon, sugar and walnuts. so delicious!

  57. Flinger says

    Chili Cayenne spiced walnuts and candied orange peel — although if you are going in the order of what people like receiving from me than I would probably have to go with Dark Chocolate Peppermint Brownies. And sorry Graham but Ella’s first Xmas card is still my absolute favorite and has a prominent place on my wall o’cards :)

  58. Esther says

    My favorite gift to give away is homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies; my favorite gift to receive is my mother-in-law-to-be’s homemade jams.

  59. Lyndsey says

    I love to give homemade peppermint marshmallows and homemade hot chocolate mix. Everyone loves hot chocolate, and I love making marshmallows.

  60. Margaret says

    I am some homemade vanilla brewing on my counter now! I saw your post about making vanilla, and I ordered some beans from Indrivanilla and brewed up a batch! I can’t wait to package it up and give bottles away to my friends and family this holiday season!

  61. says

    My nana’s recipe for runner bean chutney which looks and sounds mediocre at best but tasted incredible, especially with cheese and buttery toast. Once you’ve tried it you can’t get enough of it and we always have people asking for a jar. The ugly chutney duckling.

  62. Holly says

    Jars of mild & hot salsa, made at home with organic tomatoes and hot peppers grown in our garden, with a package of Vermont tortilla chips.

  63. laura says

    Pumpkin or banana bread. I’ve already made a half dozen loaves of your pumpkin quick bread this fall, and a few more batches are on my horizon for the holidays! I even bought the mini-loaf pans you recommended in the recipe post for easy gift giving.

  64. jeri says

    I’ve made all the fancy, fussy Christmas cookies, but the one everyone always likes the best are good, old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies. Holiday or not, they’re everyone’s favorite.

  65. Hannah says

    I love making my mom’s eggnog cookies that are rolled into little logs and then twisted at the end to form a loop. Fresh out of the oven, dusted with powdered sugar, these cookies are to die for. yum. Thank you for sharing that fantastic pomegranate salad, btw. delish.

  66. Tiffany Bolton says

    I love giving out a Penzeys seasoning called Fox Point, its a universal favorite and it gets people hooked on better spices!

  67. Erin Lemmer says

    I love my making my mothers bun bars. They are amazing and so easy to make you just layer peanuts, vanilla pudding, butterscotch, chocolate chips, and peanut butter. Everyone looks forward to receiving them on Christmas

  68. Molly says

    Hmmm…. I’m not great at giving food away. I’m not too motivated to cook unless I get to have some too! I am a good hostess and happily share food. My favorite for that is BBQ Brisket, recipe from Silver Palate.

  69. Emily says

    My kids and I love making chocolate coated marshmallows dipped in peppermint candy pieces. Pop them on a stick and they make a tasty swizzle stick for hot chocolate (or just eat them right of the stick). :)

  70. says

    I love putting together two different chocolate barks:
    dark chocolate with port infused [dried] cherries;
    and white chocolate with pistachios and cranberries.

  71. says

    Already love this company! My go-to holiday food gift is “John the Electrician’s Kahlua Bread”. It is to die for. Perfect coffee-chocolate combo with a wonderful glaze and it’s easy to make. I divide it among small aluminum disposable bread tins. Wrap in plastic, add a bow and voila! They also freeze and thaw beautifully!

  72. says

    I usually tailor my gifts to the individual, but they all come in a jar with a special tag and bow. Sometimes I bake the goodies, sometimes I let them finish when they are ready.

  73. dalton says

    I remember receiving your first minted card with that awesome little pouty face on it. From that point on I was hooked as well!!

    In terms of food gift, my favorite thing to make and give away is peppermint patties. My mouth is already watering!

  74. Regina Winslow says

    My husband grew up eating his Mothers home made English Toffee every Christmas. The baton has been passed and for the past 15 years or so, I have been making, and giving away our Christmas English Toffee. My family and neighbors count on it!

  75. Wendy says

    I love,love,love your blog site! My favorite home made gift to give is a wonderful pumpkin granola paired with a sack of strong roasted coffee beans :)

  76. Karen Donnelly says

    I have a recipe for the best ever spritz cookies. Cookies and black walnut fudge are always a hit. Those along with my homemade raisin bread. A lovely gift indeed!

  77. says

    What an awesome giveaway! My work just did their holiday cards from there and they are gorgeous! My favorite homemade food gift to give away during the holidays is dulce de leche. It’s so easy to make in the slow cooker and everybody loves them!

  78. says

    As a twenty-something still in the early stages of a career, I can’t always afford to give my loved ones the amazing gifts they all deserve and therefore try to make up for it with homemade treats. This year I will be baking Cranberry Bliss cookies by the dozens and distributing them in festive holiday bags from Costco. I’m also working on a gluten and soy free recipe for my friends with food allergies. These cards from Minted would be a lovely addition where I can include personalized greetings as well as an allergy warning for those with dietary restrictions.

  79. says

    If we are going to a party I bring a dish of my favorite cheesy potatoes. But for something less cumbersome, my husband makes his famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I cook, he bakes.

  80. Jacqueline says

    Those cards are too darling!!!
    We have done so many different things over the years, but this year I am giving baskets with homemade pumpkin latte mixes. It makes a great gift for my gluten-intolerant friends!

  81. Anne says

    Great giveaway! Thank you.

    For the last few years, I’ve made stollen for holiday gifts. Everyone loves it, especially me!

  82. Sharie yeager says

    Last year I made batch after batch of dark chocolate almond toffee. I packaged the toffee in glass canning jars and tied them with cute bows and punched gift tags. I handed them out with the disclaimer to eat at your own risk! I cannot be held responsible for any tooth damage caused by this candy! Luckily, no molars or crowns were lost in the consumption of our goodies! :)

    Thank you for the weekly inspiration! I took last week off of work to nurse my son after a minor surgery. With all my extra at home time, I made your peasant bread, your “straight forward cinnamon rolls” and even experimented with some rosemary olive oil bread . My family was so impressed!

  83. jennifer ott says

    my favorite this year is peach nectarine syrup with cloves, cinnamon and ginger:)
    jennifer ott
    sandpoint, idaho

  84. shannon says

    Barbara Tropp’s China Moon Chili-Orange Oil. It is festive, unusual, delicious, easy to make and beautiful in jars. I drizzle it on anything and everything Asian-yum.

  85. Christina says

    I’ve done baked goods in the past. This year I’m thinking granola and caramel sauce. Maybe even some meyer lemon curd.

  86. Kristina says

    Every year on Christmas Eve, I make a basket filled with homemade cinnamon rolls, granola, and a truffles to give to all of my neighbors! Homemade treats are the best way to show appreciation and spread joy to others!

  87. Kari Pollack says

    Each year I make family members a basket of homemade jams, jellies, and fruit butters; canned from the produce grown on my farm. We make cookies, crackers, breads, and flavored oils for each basket. Those that I’ll be able to see in person receive farm fresh eggs, milk, and cheese from our livestock; as well as a few pounds of fresh pork, beef, chicken, or whatever has been slaughtered recently. I often have plenty of goats milk soap, homemade laundry detergent, dish detergent, organic cleansers and homemade rags to go around as well. (I love grouping those items together for house warming gifts) Our sustainable farm provides a great bounty to share for the holidays as well as providing plenty for us to share within our community as well. :)

  88. Tiffany Marshall says

    I love to make gift boxes with trail size necessities that my sisters and girlfriends can fit in their purses. :)

  89. PS says

    Chocolate chip biscotti is my go-to gift for holidays. Wraps up beautifully and is great to have on hand when friends stop by for coffee.

  90. Ellen says

    My favorite food to give away during the holidays is Christmas Bread. My mom and I have been making and delivering it to friends and neighbors on Christmas morning for nearly a decade! Full of love and joy.

  91. Susan says

    I LOVE minted as well! And my favorite is also a combination of peppermint bark (bittersweet/semi-sweet chocolate layer, white chocolate with a drop of peppermint oil layer, and then crushed candy canes on top–so pretty!) and a bittersweet/semi-sweet bark with cashews and dried fruit bark. It’s perfect for gluten free friends as well :)

  92. says

    My favorite food to giveaway during the holiday’s are cookies! I try hard not to cook eat a lot of cookies so making them and sharing them is the best (and healthiest) way to partake in the cookie extravaganza!

  93. Jenny says

    I like to make hot chocolate on a stick (King Arthur Flour has a great recipe…), but spiced nuts is a favorite too. Thanks – what a great giveaway!

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