Swiss Chard Tart

I have an excellent recipe for a buttery, cornmeal tart shell. It NEVER fails to please. Why then, I ask you, must I continue to experiment with other recipes? Oiy. Rarely do they measure up. Tonight I’m annoyed. Truly. I mean, this tart would have been unbelievably delectable had I just stuck to the tried-and-true recipe I know.

Alas. This tart closely resembles the breakfast pizza I made several months ago. The topping is nearly identical: sautéed Swiss chard with garlic, grated cheese (whatever you have on hand), and a couple of eggs — a combination I really adore. OK, fine, I adore eggs on everything, but you know what I mean.

So, I can’t in good conscience leave you with a foolproof recipe today, but I can give you some guidance. Use this recipe for the tart shell and follow this recipe for the topping. Combine the two and you’ll likely create a yummy dinner. Again, I regret, I am leaving you with yet another recipe that must be revisited shortly.

My Swiss chard plants are still going strong. In fact, they have been consistently productive since I planted them. For all of you novice gardeners out there, Swiss chard is a great vegetable to start a garden with — it is easy to grow and very tasty.


  1. Any Little Reason says

    Unbelievably unfair – I haven’t had breakfast yet and this is making my mouth water! The beautiful photography only makes what looks like a great dish even prettier!

  2. Sharon says

    Looks absolutely delicious! Who knew swiss chard was so photogenic?

    My husband always gets annoyed when I experiment with non-tried & true recipes and they're not as good as the original.

  3. Helene says

    I don’t know why we do that but sometimes it’s fun to experiment, other days it’s a disaster. I love trying new recipes.

  4. jessbcuz says

    your chard looks wonderful. When did you plant it– can i grow it through our (usually) mild winter? I’m about to pull out my summer plantings and would like to try some cool weather plants this year.

  5. StickyGooeyCreamyChewy says

    You may not have been crazy about the crust, but that tart looks incredible! I’m going to dream about this one!

  6. giz says

    Alas, human nature prevails – we always want better and better and sometimes we find out we already found the best. Now you’ve learned not to reinvent the wheel :). I love the idea of chard, eggs, cheese in a tart – eeeeyummmyyyy

  7. hot garlic says

    It’s just beautiful! I just love a tart! Sorry about it not being as good as your fool-proof, fail-proof recipe! I do that too. WHY??

  8. Sara says

    Your tart is beautiful, we have a wild crop of swiss chard that comes up every year on its own, so I’m always looking for more recipes that use chard!

  9. Cassoulet Cafe says

    I just had Swiss Chard for the first time at my aunt’s in France. (Les blettes in french).
    Anyhow, i’ve been making it ever since! So delicious and good for you.

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