Tomatoes: Breakfast, Noon & Night

Oh, to live in New York in August. And late July and early September. To have access to New York bagels during tomato season would just be a dream. I’m not trying to dis Bagel Shack (my local bagel shop, which I love) or anything, but there really isn’t anything like a New York bagel.

That said, however, the tomato here is the star. Subpar bagels are just fine when meaty, heirloom tomatoes sit on top of them. This has been my breakfast now for three days in a row: A toasted sesame bagel spread with chive cream cheese (purchased from bagel shack but which could easily be made from scratch) topped with a slice of tomato and sprinkled, of course, with sea salt. Amazing.

Also, I feel I must clarify something I said last post. I do feel that tomatoes, when being prepared for Caprese salad, should be cut into irregular chunks, for reasons explained here. That’s not to say, however, that tomatoes should always be cut this way. The heirloom tomato varieties, in particular, look stunning when cut into rounds, which is a practical shape for certain dishes, namely this breakfast.

Also, it should be noted that tomato rounds look completely different depending on which way the knife passes through the fruit. Cut the tomato crosswise (not through the stem) for the prettiest slice. (In other words, if a tomato is sitting just as it would on a board, you would cut the tomato holding the knife parallel to the board. Does that make sense? Or, turn the tomato on its side, then cut down, perpendicular to the board.)


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    Before I was dairy intolerant, I could eat an everything bagel with cream cheese and tomato every. single. day. Plain bagels work too, just add a bit of salt & pepper or a few pickle slices. OMG! It’s like my favorite treat ever!!
    Also, this tomato you’ve pictured looks PERFECT!!

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    ulp! tomorrow’s breakfast! my landlord has been giving me scads of garden tomatoes, I can barely keep up, and I’m having them every which way, but only for lunch and dinner. and now, tomorrow, breakfast as well! a schmear of tofu-based cream cheese on a lightly salted bagel. i’m looking forward.

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