Garden Update

Recall the garden I (Ben) planted? Well, in just one month, look how it’s progressed!

The tomato plants are growing like mad. So is the summer squash. If you haven’t planted a garden yet this spring, it’s not too late. Even easier than the cinder-block method I used for my main garden, is the “pot” method, which requires two steps: buying a pot and filling it with potting soil. Seriously, the four plants I have in pots — summer squash, zucchini, butternut squash and melon — seem to grow inches every day.

Other notes: We have already eaten a lot of the Swiss chard and have watched it grow back. We’ve eaten all of the arugula and are hoping it grows back. We use the herbs often. One of our pepper plants hasn’t budged since we put it in the ground. And our neighbor’s cat thinks our garden is an enormous kitty litter, but so far hasn’t caused any damage.

To see the complete transformation, click here: Cinder-Block Garden How-To, and here: Garden Update II.

Blossoms from a summer squash plant:

Not quite sure what this is. It’s either melon or butternut squash:

Garden as a whole:


  1. rg says

    Your garden looks beautiful! Also, I’m sorry David Archuleta didn’t win but I’m sure he’ll be fine :)

  2. RecipeGirl says

    I am so completely jealous. I think I told you before that our in-the-ground garden plot was entirely eaten by mysterious creatures. The good news is that our tomato plants (in pots) already have tomatoes on them and some are just beginning to turn red. I’m hoping we get a good crop of them before we take off on vacation in July. Next year… I’m going to try pots like you did for some of that other stuff.

  3. eke says

    Ali your garden looks great! We’re having some luck in our new house with tomato plants, squash, eggplant, and different herbs in pots. We have them on a back patio to keep deer away. There is a special herbal spray I use, also, which I think works because I’ve seen four deer in our yard on different occasions since we moved here last month.

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