Quesadilla Trouble

I realized today that I don’t know how to make a quesadilla. This is what I did: I briefly warmed two soft, corn tortillas in a dry nonstick pan. Then, I took them both out of the pan and covered one with grated cheese and one half of an avocado thinly sliced. I put a little oil in the pan. I covered the cheese and avocado with the remaining tortilla, and placed the whole thing in the frying pan. I weighed down the tortillas with a nonstick pan and ate the remaining half of the avocado sprinkled with salt — best snack ever — while I waited for my quesadilla to finish cooking.

Now, it wasn’t that my quesadilla didn’t taste good, it was just that it tasted different. Maybe it was because I used corn tortillas (from Trader Joe’s, which are delicious … thanks for the tip Aunt Vicki) instead of flour? Maybe it was because the cheese I bought, a pre-grated mix called Quatro Frommagio, didn’t melt very well? Maybe it was because I got impatient and took the quesadilla out of the pan as soon as I finished eating my avocado? I don’t know, I can’t figure it out. I have not supplied a recipe since you likely know how to make a quesadilla better than I.


  1. rg says

    That’s about the only thing I do know how to make! It sounds like you did everything right. Maybe you just took it off the heat too early? Looks delicious!

  2. liz says

    I’d agree with rg, especially if your cheese didn’t melt properly. It’s so tough to wait until they’re done! Looks delicious, though. You’re making me crave avocados; I just wish the ones I find around here tasted better.

  3. Anonymous says

    Hello Pallas–Here are a few suggestions, stemming deep from my love of Mexican Taquerias: First, I brush a cast iron pan first with a thin coating of olive oil. Then I put the tortilla in flat and brush it lightly with olive oil. When the underside starts to get little light brown bubbles, I turn the tortilla over and put in the cheeses and salsa. Tnen I fold the tortilla in half so it looks like a half moon. Then I place a smaller cast iron pan on top to weight down the tortilla. When one side is brown, I flip over the tortilla and brown the other side.1. flour tortillas are the standard; 2. use grated fresh cheese, a combination of Monterey Jack, Colby, and feta. 3. Do not use too much cheese. This I think is the first truly important key. Even though it’s tempting to pile on the cheese,it’s better to have two thin quesadillas than a fat one because the cheese coagulates too quickly once it’s off the heat. 3. Add a little hot salse verde to the tortilla while it’s cooking. 4. Makes sure that the tortilla cooks until it will crack like a bisquit. So you have to play with the heat, hot enough to brown, but not to burn. –fatmama

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