California Here We Come

Yay! So we just found out. Ben has been assigned to 1st Battalion, 4th Marines. We’re moving some time around the New Year to Camp Pendleton, just north of San Diego.

While there are many things I will miss about Philly — pretzels, the Fair Food Farmstand, the Tuesday South and Passyunk Farmers’ Market, Ding Ho and The Bulletin, to name a few — I am so excited to have the chance to live in California for the next three years. My sadness about leaving certainly hasn’t settled in, but I cannot wait to finally see if all of my West Coast roommates’ digs at East Coast Mexican food have been valid, and if it really doesn’t rain in their perfect state.

02. October 2007 by Alexandra Stafford
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  1. Yay Al, congrats on getting your wish!!! I’m so happy for you! Know that the east coast (and I) will miss you lots though!

  2. thanks giller…I’ll miss you too!

  3. The sun always shines on this coast, I cannot wait. yessssssss.

  4. alexandra – congrats on the move! we need to catch up

  5. Congrats on the news about California! I started work, so I haven’t been cooking as much, but I just checked out your latest posts and have been inspired to start again. Thanks!

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