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Since learning about Uwishunu in May, I have been wanting to contribute to the site as a blogger. I finally got around to writing about some of my favorite places in the city and my first entry was just posted: Ding Ho: Chinatown’s Best Kept Secret. (The noodles are pictured above.)

I have learned about so many great places from Uwishunu bloggers. In May I went on a little tour to check out some of their recommendations. I tasted the best falafel thanks to Tom, the best roast pork sandwich thanks to Gina and the best samosas thanks to Allison. I also have a list of about 15 other places I still need to try. Below are photos from my tour of their suggestions:

Christos’ Falafel:

John’s Roast Pork

Spice Market Samosas:


  1. Joanna says

    Oooh, I should check the Uwishunu blog periodically — I feel like I explore Philadelphia a lot, but there are definitely lots of great places/traditions to discover. And Chinatown can be a little intimidating — which place to try?! — so thanks for the tip. :) Sounds yummy, and I can’t wait til the next time I’m around there!

    As with the restaurants, if you ever want a sidekick, I am MORE than happy to go on eating adventures! (Especially if you need those samosas again — I live literally 4 blocks away from that place, but I’m not even sure I knew you could buy samosas there.)

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